Repairs, Maintenance, and Water damage


Burnt hole? Pet damage? Furniture tears? Many small holes and marks can be repaired by patching the area using specialised tools and products.  Starting from $200, our installers can patch the area by removing or relocating the affected area and replacing with unmarked carpet.  Call 02 4340 1803 for more information.


Featured Flooring offer maintenance services to Body Corporates, Care facilities, and Commercial premises. Our services include re-stretching any carpets that have relaxed, bubbled or rippled with age.  Inserting safety nodules on ramps and stairs. Safety assessments and re-furbishments.


Storm or water damage? The trick is to get to the repair asap.  Many carpets can be saved when damaged by water if the underlay is removed quickly and the carpet given time to dry out.  We can also assess damaged carpets and liaise with insurance companies on your behalf to help expedite the process. Call 0412 704 727 for emergency repairs, or 02 4340 1803 to book an assessment.